DMRC Benevolent Fund

The Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Benevolent Fund
Helping Those Who Serve Their Country

DMRC Stanford Hall

The Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC) provides the clinical and holistic environment to deliver world class rehabilitation to serving military personnel.

Rehabilitation at DMRC Stanford Hall makes use of the unique environment provided by the purpose built facility. This includes the latest technology available to the consultant-led comprehensive clinical teams. DMRC continues to deliver world class rehabilitation to serving military personnel who have suffered severe and life-changing experiences.

Introducing DMRC
Benevolent Fund

The Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Benevolent Fund is a volunteer-run charity that provides funding to support holistic, occupational and social integration opportunities for serving military patients at DMRC Stanford Hall, that are not provided by public funding.

As part of patients’ rehabilitation journey, it is essential that, in coming to terms with the impact of their illness or injury, patients regain their confidence in being able to attend social gatherings and engage with day-to-day activities that reflect their normal life. The rehabilitation benefits are enormous, providing a much-needed boost of motivation and morale, while also allowing them to forget about their injuries and rehabilitation for a few hours.

supporting DMRC Stanford Hall rehabilitation

The DMRC Benevolent Fund is able to support DMRC Stanford Hall rehabilitation teams in establishing forward thinking and innovative therapy ideas that capitalise on the engagement and motivation of the patients.

The competitive nature of military personnel is captured by these initiatives and therapeutic outcomes are subsequently outstanding. The DMRC Benevolent Fund enables patients and staff the opportunity to purchase items that are not accessible via any other means. Everyone’s future is hugely important. In the here and now, the DMRC Benevolent Fund aims to prepare patients to face their challenges through support, equipment and social integration opportunities.

How & what we fund

The process of allocation of charity funds is monitored by a committee who, in liaison with the unit and clinicians, ensure the equipment and activities are clinically relevant and enhance patient rehabilitation and function. This committee (other than one employee) and all Trustees and Unit personnel that assist the charity, do so on a voluntary basis. This means that every penny raised goes directly towards supporting the patients and staff of DMRC Stanford Hall, something that we are hugely proud of.

DMRC Benevolent Fund seeks to provide a range of events and opportunities for patients throughout the calendar year to ensure their rehabilitation is supported and enhanced. Events in the last two years have included:

Cinema, concert and theatre tickets

Clay pigeon shooting, skiing and go-kart racing trips
Vouchers for gaming, music and books
Takeaway meals to brighten patients’ days in Covid-19 lockdown
Sporting events tickets
Provision of BBQs and afternoon teas in the gardens of DMRC Stanford Hall
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About the Challenge

Join us to experience an amazing event, involving the heat and the challenge of climbing a total of over 40,000ft of elevation (including the iconic French Alps). Please support us in ensuring successful completion of this exciting adventure.

Day 1

Stanford on Soar to Berkhamstead

Day 2

Berkhamstead to Newhaven ferry port

Day 3

Dieppe to Goussainville

Day 4

Goussainville to Joigny

Day 5

Joigny to Autun

Day 6

Autun to Montlued

Day 7

Montuel to Mens

Day 8

Mens to Barreme

Day 9

Barreme to Monaco

It is clear that this incredible fund is valued by the patients and staff alike and that rehab outcomes have been enhanced through the DMRC Benevolent Fund output. Without doubt, the charity helps empower patients to realise their rehab potential, both in returning to military service or in preparation for civilian life.

To continue to provide support to patients, we require ongoing fundraising. Your commitment to our Pedal to the Principality 22 event will bring life changing benefits for our patients.


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